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What to do in case of error code B001 and B002?

These errors indicate that the appliance has not detected during the De’Longhi Comfort APP search process. It is suggested to:

  • Make sure that the appliance is plugged to power and that the WiFi function will be active on the dehumidifier (the WiFi symbol should flash fast on the appliance’s control panel). In case the WiFi symbol would be OFF (i.e. the WiFi function is OFF in the dehumidifier), hold the WiFi button pressed on the appliance’s control panel for a few seconds until the dehumidifier will emit two beeps. The WiFi symbol will start flashing, indicating that the WiFi function is now active.
  • Make sure that the appliance will be close to the smartphone/tablet (distance not higher than 5 meters) which is going to be used for the De’Longhi Comfort APP configuration.

If these conditions are respected, just retry the dehumidifier search by tapping the icon: 

If the two error messages keep popping up, please proceed as described in the FAQ “ How can I reset the WiFi connection of the appliance? ”.