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Looking for help with your coffee machine?

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I descaled my machine, but the descale light has not gone out. Why has this happened?

The descale process was not recognised by your machine. A process may have been skipped or carried out too quickly. Assuming you have already run descaler through the machine please carry out the following steps to resolve this*.

-Ensure the tank contains at least two inches of water.

-Press and hold the descale button for a slow five seconds. The coffee lights will now flash to say you are no longer able to make coffee. Your machine is now in descale mode.

-Place a jug underneath your steam valve and open the steam valve FULLY.

-The machine will stop when the tank is empty.

-Close the steam valve.

-Remove your water tank and add at least two inches of water again.

-Place it back into the machine.

-Open the steam valve fully again. This time the water will run straight through the machine without pause.

-Once the tank is completely empty close the steam valve and the machine will turn itself off.

-Refill the tank and turn the machine back on. The descale light will now be off and you will be able to make coffee again!

*IMPORTANT: Only use this solution when you have descaled your machine. Not descaling your machine regularly can result in breakdown of the appliance. If you do not descale your machine regularly your product warranty may become invalid.

Descaling your bean to cup machine is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your machine and ensure longevity of your product.