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How do I descale my La Specialista Opera manual espresso machine?

Descaling is required when the indicator lights up. The frequency of descaling depends on the hardness of the water in your area.

It is always recommended to use the De’Longhi SoftBalls, perform the water hardness test and use our eco-friendly descaling solution, De’Longhi EcoDecalk

The descaling procedure takes around 20 minutes to complete, so be sure to have enough time to finish the process. 


Watch the following video or check the step-by-step guides to accomplish all descaling procedures in the right way. 



Important! Before use, read the instructions and the labelling on the descaler pack. 

It is important to use the De’Longhi descaler only. Using an unsuitable descaler and/or performing descaling incorrectly may result in faults not covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. 

If present, remove the Water Filter before descaling the appliance.

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  1. When the indicator lights up, this means that descaling is required. A descale cycle can be run at any time.

  2. Pull out and empty the drip tray, then insert it back in the machine.

  3. (REMOVE WATER SOFTENER AND SOFTBALLS, IF PRESENT). Pour the descaler into the water tank up to the first level A marked on the inside of the tank;

  4. Add water up to level B. Now reposition the water tank in the machine.

  5. Make sure that the portafilter is not attached. Position a container under the coffee spout and the hot water spout, and another under the steam wand;

  6. Press the button and hold until the indicator starts to blink. 

  7. Press the OK button: the corresponding indicator will blink.

  8. The descaling programme starts and the descaler liquid comes out of the spouts. The descale programme removes limescale deposits from the inside of the machine by automatically performing a series of rinses and pauses until the tank is empty.

Descaling ceases and the OK indicator turns blue. This means that a rinse cycle must be carried out:

  1. Empty the container used to collect the descaler solution and reposition it under the spouts.

  2. Remove the water tank, empty out any residual descaler solution, rinse under running water and fill with fresh water up to the MAX level. Return the tank to the machine.

  3. Press the OK button. The rinse cycle starts.

  4. Once the rinse cycle has been completed, water will stop draining out and the machine is ready for use.

  5. Empty the containers used to collect the rinse water.  

  6. Pull out and empty the drip tray, then reinsert it.

  7. Remove the tank, fill with cold water and return it to the machine.

  8. The OK indicator turns white.

The machine is now ready for use. Please Note:

  • The descaling cycle can be started up at any time (even if the relative indicator is not yet on). 

  • Should descaling be started up by mistake, it can be stopped by pressing the button and holding for 10 seconds; the rinse cycle cannot be stopped. 

  • After 30 seconds without a button being pressed, the machine exits the descaling programme automatically.