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Can I set the coffee grinding level?

Yes of course, this is possible. Before changing its level we always suggest to read the tips to get a hotter cup of coffee in the "Related articles section".

The coffee grinder is set by default to prepare coffee correctly, and most of the times, should not require regulating initially. If it's necessary, follow the steps below:

- The grinding adjustment dial must only be turned when the coffee mill is in operation.

  • For fuller bodied creamier coffee, turn one click anticlockwise towards “1”, do not turn more than one click at a time otherwise the coffee could be delivered a drop at a time.
  • For a less bodied creamier coffee, select a higher level of grinding, turn a click clockwise

These adjustments will be evident after at least 2 cups of coffee have been delivered. If this adjustment does not obtain the desired result, turn the dial another click.