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EcoDecalk avkalkningsmedel, 200ml


Keep your coffee tasting delicious with the regular use of our eco-friendly descaler. 

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EcoDecalk is the descaler recommended by De’Longhi for all its coffee makers. Its formula is perfectly balanced, designed to be more powerful against limescale deposits and gentler with machines compared to traditional citric acid descalers. This eco-friendly descaler uses natural lactic acid from plants, which won’t pollute the environment.

  • Eco-friendly universal descaling solution that's gentle on your coffee maker
  • Extend the life of your machine, preserve energy efficiency and maintain coffee flavour
  • Faster and more effective than citric acid-based limescale removers
  • With natural, high-quality ingredients of plant origin
  • Contains 1 x 200ml bottle, suitable for 2 uses


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