The world’s first ever Espresso Cool coffee machine


The coffee-drinking world is no longer divided into Cold Brew and cold coffee drinkers on one side and Espresso lovers on the other. De’Longhi’s revolutionary Cold Extraction Technology is changing the course of coffee consumption, thanks to a new invention: the Espresso Cool drink. 

Espresso Cool: a shot of coolness

More and more coffee lovers consume the beverage cold, either as Iced Coffee or Cold Brew, two long-style drinks. 

Though refreshing, iced Espresso-based drinks risk falling flat on the flavour front as the ice cubes water down and thin out the consistency, rendering the liquid lacklustre. Yet De’Longhi elevates how coffee lovers consume cold coffee at home, ushering in a new age of Espresso thanks to its Cold Extraction Technology

Thanks to De’Longhi’s efforts in research and development, this new technology transforms coffee beans into a delicious drink, resulting in a unique multi-sensorial experience: rich, smooth, and as good as an Espresso…but cold. This is the Espresso Cool, a totally new experience of taste created by De’Longhi.

Softer and lighter than hot Espresso, its mouthwatering explosion of flavours captures the sweet soul of the finest coffee beans

La Specialista Maestro: the first manual bean-to-cup machine with Cold Extraction Technology 

Undoubtedly the coolest Espresso ever created, Espresso Cool is available only on De’Longhi La Specialista Maestro. This manual machine features ground-breaking Cold Extraction Technology that allows coffee lovers to enjoy both Espresso Cool and Cold Brew drinks in under 5 minutes. La Specialista Maestro pours a concentrated cold espresso drink to sip on the spot–in the same amount of time it takes to prepare its hot counterpart.

What’s the secret?

The magic lies in a special double wall filter complete with a specific pump program that creates a pressure packing with a higher flow rate than hot Espresso. This helps obtain Espresso’s characteristic mouthfeel and texture while balancing the light body of the cold extraction liquid.

Try it at home

De’Longhi’s La Specialista Maestro is perfect for coffee lovers who not only want to experiment with riffs on classic coffee beverages or craft other creative drinks like a Berry Tonic Mocktail and a Tiramisu Martini but also wish to enjoy great cold drinks such as Espresso Cool and Cold Brew at home.
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La Specialista Maestro Cold Brew

De’Longhi’s La Specialista Maestro is perfect for coffee lovers who like to geek out in the kitchen, whether making a trendy Cold Brew or the brand-new Espresso Cool.
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