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Full Room Radiant Heater


  • $119.99
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Indulge in the quiet, all-embracing heat of the 1500-watt TRH0715CA De’Longhi radiant heater. With an exclusive thermal slot design, this oil-filled radiator heater maximizes heat flow while maintaining low surface temperature. Beyond comfort, it delivers a better heating experience with your wellness in mind: unlike other portable heaters, the TRH0715 minimizes dry air and won’t stir up dust, hair, or other allergens. Built-in safety features include a thermal cut-off and anti-freeze setting.

  • 1500W of long lasting, quiet heat
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Adjustable thermostat and 3 heat settings
  • Anti-Freeze setting to help keep pipes from freezing
  • Thermal shutoff safety protection
  • Exclusive, pre-assembled Smart Snap Wheels
  • Lower Energy Bills- heat only the room you're in
Exclusive Thermal Slot Design

Exclusive Thermal Slot Design

Maximizes heat flow into the room while maintaining a low surface temperature.
Un meilleur chauffage pour une chaleur plus douce

Un meilleur chauffage pour une chaleur plus douce

Minimise l’air sec, améliorant ainsi la qualité de l’air pour un environnement plus hypoallergène avec aucun ventilateur pour soulever la poussière, les squames d'animaux et le pollen.
Dispositifs de sécurité intégrés

Dispositifs de sécurité intégrés

Interrupteur thermique, éléments chauffants entièrement fermés et conception légèrement arrondie.
Simple Controls
Allow you to easily adjust power level and temperature.
Durable & Low Maintenance
High quality steel assembly and permanently-sealed diathermic oil reservoir never needs refilling.
No Installation Required
A comfort hold handle paired with exclusive smart snap wheels, built-in for convenience, provide out-of-the-box easy movement from room to room as needed.