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About Coffee Lounge


The virtual coffee place
for real coffee lovers

The virtual coffee place for real coffee lovers


We celebrate coffee culture

Coffee culture is a living, thriving environment full of history, talent and passion. It evolves constantly and it blends tradition with innovation to create the finest coffee moments. We created Coffee Lounge with a clear goal: celebrate the people, places and products that contribute to each perfect coffee cup by sharing our passion and expertise with coffee lovers the world across.

The art of transformation

Coffee is a journey of transformation: from the plantation to the processing, from roasting to brewing, each step of the coffee chain brings an unforgettable experience closer to you, as the beans are slowly and meticulously transformed into your favourite drink. 

The fascinating process that happens inside our coffee machine is a step of this magical journey that’s been meticulously studied, created and celebrated by De’Longhi. It’s here where your coffee beans are transformed into a delicious drink, giving you a unique multi-sensorial experience.
For us, transformation isn’t just a process, it’s a form of art. 

Our sustainalble journey

This journey is our commitment to empowering coffee lovers to make more responsible coffee choices by giving greater insight into the people and processes along the coffee value chain.Secondly, we aim to build a more sustainable coffee sector, partnering with organizations who can help us address urgent industry challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss and the livelihoods of farmers.

Finally, as a Group, over the last decade we’ve been taking steps to analyze and improve our business and operational processes. By continously learning, we can act with integrity for the planet and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Our committment: Trasforming with Integrity

To transform is to change. Step by step. And we are on a journey to do just that; transforming our products and operations for the better and becoming more sustainable in the process. More than just a commitment to better quality coffee, it’s about respecting the beans, where they come from, and the dedicated farmers and reputable roasters who make this drink possible. 

We believe that bringing consumers closer to their coffee and getting to know the process is key to making informed decisions. That fuels our commitment to enabling unforgettable and responsible coffee-making experiences and working with industry partners to create change. We know our actions have impacts beyond our business, and believe we can all make a difference – transforming with integrity from bean to cup.

Our sustainability partners

Championing a sustainable future for the coffee sector is a commitment that requires the collaboration of everyone involved in its production, together with the support of qualified partners who can educate and guide stakeholders along the coffee chain and allow consumers to make responsible coffee choices.

Thanks to our partnership with Slow Food Coffee Coalition, we aim to support the activities of coffee producers, and empower farmers by increasing consumer knowledge of their best practices and their commitment to producing good, clean and fair-trade coffee.

Climate change is raising new challenges for coffee cultivation in addition to those who work on the plantations: thanks to our partnership with World Coffee Research, we will invest in research that helps grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of farmers to safeguard the future of great coffee.



The brand is part of the De'Longhi Group
and contributes to the achievement of the following Group objectives:

Adopting the Groups' Supplier Code of Conduct and Responsible Sourcing Guidelines by the end of 2022.
Adopting Eco-Design Guidelines by 2023.
Planning to conduct LCAs - Life Cycle Assessments - on our fully automatic coffee machines and espresso pumps by 2024.
Supporting the Group’s focus on product energy efficiency projects by 2025.

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