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What is the My Latte drink on my Magnifica Evo ECAM29X.6Y / ECAM29X.8Y (+EX:2)?

MyLatte function froths all the milk you pour into the carafe, plus an espresso shot straight into your cup.

Please follow these steps to enjoy your MyLatte drinks:

  • Fill the milk container with as much cow or alternative milk you want to froth (Please note that the machine will dispense the full quantity, which will then double in size due to frothing);
  • Ensure that you replace the lid on the milk container and securely attach it to the machine;
  • Select the “My Latte” drink: The delivery process will begin and continue until the carafe is empty.
  • The machine will then continue with the Espresso delivery.

Please note to use the "Clean" function after each use and to clean each carafe component thoroughly.