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The general alarm light is showing on my machine. What can I do?

If your machine displays a general alarm message or a warning light indicated by a red exclamation mark please carry out the following steps:

  • Switch the machine off using the power button on the front of your  machine, and wait for the shut down process to complete fully before the next step. 
  • Plug the unit off. 
  • Open the service door. 
  • Remove the drip tray and grounds container. 
  • Remove the brewing unit (infuser) by squeezing the two red buttons either side of the ‘Push' button. 
  • Pull gently. If the infuser will not freely come out do not force it. 
  • Clean the infuser using warm water once removed. 
  • With the infuser still out of the machine, clean the inside thoroughly using a vacuum  to ensure all grinds are removed. Pay particular attention to the area behind the grounds container. 
  • Replace the infuser. 
  • Clean the drip tray and grounds container thoroughly. 
  • Place the grounds container on the drip tray and slide the tray back into the machine. 
  • Switch the machine on and press the power button.
  • The general alarm light should no longer be showing.

Note: if this does not resolve your issue you may contact our toll free number (For US 1-866-528-8323;  For Canada 1-888-335-6644) for assistance or look for the closest service center.
Please check the service locator found in this website