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Issues with the Coffee Grinder in My De'Longhi Coffee Machine

My machine is noisy and not grinding:

If the grinder becomes very noisy and is not grinding beans, there may be a foreign object that was present among the coffee beans in the grinder. 

Please Note: the eventual presence of small foreign objects inside any bag of coffee beans is almost inevitable. To lower your chances of finding them, always prefer a medium/high-quality coffee brand.

If you own a coffee machine with an electronic grinder (e.g. Maestosa, PrimaDonna Soul, …), please reach out to the nearest Service Center to fix the problem. 


For all other models, you can try to solve the problem by following the steps below: 

  • Turn the coffee machine OFF by the ON/OFF button and unplug the unit from the power supply;

  • Try to remove all  the beans from the container with the help of a vacuum cleaner to easily remove them all from the area;

  • Once you can see the grinder, check the presence of foreign objects between the two gears. 

    • If you can see the matter that is blocking the grinder, try to gently remove it. DO NOT FORCE IT if it’s stuck.

    • If the foreign object is hard to remove you can try to increase the grinding size by rotating the Grinding Knob towards a larger grind (High Number on the wheel).

    • If you are not able to easily remove it, please reach out to the nearest Service Center to fix it for you.

In case you managed to easily remove the foreign object, please follow the instructions below:

  • Refill with a small amount of beans;

  • Press the one-cup button to check the grinder is clear.

The coffee doesn't flow:

If you used coffee beans: probably the coffee grind is too thin and should be displayed on the coffee machine through a specific message or a combination of lights. You need to regulate the grinding process.

If you used pre-grinded coffee: You probably inserted too much coffee, in this case, you should take the infuser out and clean your coffee machine inside. Please remember to use only one scoop of pre-ground coffee at a time.


I received a 'ground too fine' error message, what can I do?  If you hear a loud buzzing noise and you receive a ground-too-fine error message. Please carry out these simple steps:

  • Turn the machine on.

  • Fill the water tank.

  • Remove the water filter from the tank (if this is present in your model).

  • Do a rinse cycle.

1. If water comes out, set the grinder to a more coarse setting while in motion and test two to three times to see the change. Optimal grinder settings are between 3 and 5.

2. If no water comes out the unit may require servicing. Please contact our Customer Care Specialist.