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How should I clean the LatteCrema Hot milk carafe of my Magnifica Start?

In order to ensure a correct frothing with the LatteCrema Hot milk carafe, the cleaning should be performed properly and on a regular basis.

Cleaning after each use:

After each delivery of a milk-based drink, the "Clean" button's LED light on the control panel will start to blink. Here's what you need to do next:

  • Leave the milk carafe in the machine (there is no need to empty the milk container);
  • Place a cup or other recipient under the milk spout;
  • Press the "Clean" button: hot water and steam will be released from the milk spout and then it will stop automatically;
  • Once you've finished cleaning, if there's still a sufficient amount of milk left in the carafe to make additional drinks, you can directly place the carafe in the refrigerator. However, please remember to use it within a maximum of two days.

Thorough cleaning of the milk carafe:

To maintain the optimal performance of your LatteCrema System, it's recommended to clean the carafe regularly. Ideally, this should be done within two days after each use. For a detailed guide on how to clean the carafe, please refer to the following video: