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How do I make a Latte?

Latte Ingredients: 

  • Caffé Latte glass
  • 1 Large shot of Espresso (40-50ml)
  • Topped up with hot (55-60°C) milk, lightly frothed  
  • Sugar to taste 
  • Served in a tall glass, a caffé latte is made using a large shot of espresso topped up with hot steamed milk that has been frothed to a silky smooth texture. The steamed milk should be poured out carefully so that only about 1cm of velvety foam tops the drink.
  • Add sugar to taste.

Often professional baristas can be seen creating latte art (palm leaves, hearts etc.). The art is actually the colour contrast between the milk froth and the coffee crema. The secret to good latte art (apart from lots of practice!) is to froth the milk with only very fine bubbles.