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How do I descale my DCF6212TTC or DCF6214T drip Coffee Maker?

The cleaning light is blinking and the unit needs to be descaled:

  • Pour 3.5 ounces of descaling solution into the carafe and fill with water to the 4 cup level.
  • Pour this mixture into the unit's water tank.
  • Place the carafe in the unit and push the “clean button ".
  • The program for descaling will start.
  • The mixture will clean inside and drip back in to the carafe.
  • When this stops, empty out the carafe and fill with clean fresh water.
  • Pour the water into the tank and press the clean button.
  • Place the carafe back in the unit.
  • This will start the rinsing cycle and you will need to repeat these steps 3 times using the fresh water BEFORE brewing coffee.
  • At the end of the third rinse, push the on/off button twice in order to clear the clean alarm