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Descale Light is always flashing or not turning off

Red Descale Light is On Means: Descaling is required

If your machine displays a red descale light, flashing or still, you need to descale the appliance.

  • The descale light appears after a set amount of time that depends on the quantity of water used by the machine and the water hardness setting you’ve set. on your coffee machine;

  • When the water used has a high hardness level, this leads to a high limescale buildup in your machine which is why the descaling light will light up more frequently;

  • To improve your machine's lifespan and help maintain its optimal performance, it's important to regularly descale it with a suitable descale solution (please check our cleaning solutions here). Using an unsuitable descaler and/or performing descaling incorrectly may result in faults not covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. 

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  • Adjust the water hardness setting on your machine to ensure that it's in line with the water you use.

Descale Light Still On After Descaling

If, on the other hand, the Descale light is still on even after you’ve descaled the appliance, it may be that the descale process may not have been correctly completed by your machine, skipped or carried out too quickly. Please follow these steps to fix it:

  • Repeat the descaling procedure by using water only;

  • Please Note, to be sure to fill the water tank to the MAX level for the last two rinses to clear the descaling warning alert on the display.