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[INTERNAL] How do I make Hot Milk with my Magnifica Evo?


There is no Hot Milk one-touch drink on this machine. However, if you really want to prepare a hot milk with maximum foam level, there is a trick to do it anyways.

Please follow the next steps:

  • Select "pre-ground" option by pressing the corresponding button
  • Launch a milk-based drink (preferably My Latte if you want to froth all milk in the carafe)
  • The milk frothing will start; after milk frothing, the general alarm red symbol will light up due to the missing coffee powder;
  • After a few seconds, the "Clean" Led will light up to request the cleaning procedure after each use.

Now you can drink your hot milk with a delicious dense foam!

Please note that this trick has not been thought for main usage. The quantity of milk that will be frothed, corresponds to the beverage selected (e.g. Cappuccino - smaller amount of milk, Latte Macchiato - greater milk quantity).