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Iced Black Jack

Semi-skimmed milk

Get ready for a flavourful journey with this Iced Black Jack that combines a velvety layer of cold foam with the bold taste of Bourbon.


  • Coffee beans – Arabica single-origin
  • 100ml – cold semi-skimmed milk   
  • 30ml – Bourbon whiskey
  • 10ml – cherry syrup
  • amarena cherries – to garnish
  • ice cubes

Step 1

First, fill a glass with ice cubes.

Step 2

Then, add the wild cherry syrup.

Step 3

Add the Bourbon whiskey.

Step 4

Place the glass under the spout and prepare an 'Espresso'.

Step 5

Place a separate glass under the spout and prepare a 'Cold Milk'.

Step 6

Gently pour the cold milk foam on top of the drink, creating a pleasant layered effect.

Step 7

Finally, garnish with amarena cherries.