Christmas Mocha

Time: 10
Difficulty: Easy
Coffee Based

Christmas is most children's favorite day, and all children love hot chocolate. So here is a recipe for "Christmas Mocaccino", so that you too can enjoy accompanying them. A simple recipe to make thanks to the DELONGHI fully automatic espresso machine and some tips and secrets!

Ingredients for 1 serving

For a 350ml/11.8oz glass of "Christmas Mocaccino", you need:

• 1 espresso*

• 20g to 40g/0.7oz to 1.4oz of dark chocolate (depending on your preference) cut into small pieces

• 20 cl/6.7 oz of milk (or plant based milk)

• For Christmas delicacy, a meringue** (or whipped cream)

We suggest you select a specialty coffee, ask your roaster for advice

Espresso* is prepared with DELONGHI espresso grinder. Here are the settings we recommend to get a gourmet and chocolate cup with spicy notes:

• Amount of coffee: 4/5

• Ground level: 2

• Volume of coffee: 30 ml

The milk foam is prepared with the Latte Crema System DELONGHI. Here are the settings we recommend for a 350ml glass:

• Preparation time of milk foam: 30 seconds

• Foam texture: button 3


The method for an attractive visual: (you can also, for more speed, press the Latte macchiato button)

Step 1
Add the chocolate in pieces to your glass

Step 2
Start the preparation of the milk mousse in your glass, on the chocolate

Step 3
Mix with a spoon to dissolve the chocolate

Step 4
Start extracting espresso in your glass

Step 5
Complete with the meringue or fragrant whipped cream and decorate

The meringue:
You can make a meringue by whipping 1 white snow (by hand or with a mixer). Then you incorporate 40g of semolina sugar. You put in your pocket to the socket, and you can decorate your Christmas Mocaccino with a little of this meringue. Then you can color your meringue with a torch for a guaranteed whaou effect!

Variant Suggestion

Thanks to the espresso grinder and the Latte Crema System, it is very simple to customize your drink according to your taste preferences:

• You can change the texture of the foam, more or less creamy

• You can change the amount of milk according to the volume of your glass (and use vegetable drinks)

• You can change the settings of the espresso grinder according to your coffee, in order to obtain a cup a taste in accordance with the terroir of your coffee beans

• You can also add honey, agave syrup or flavored syrup to sweeten your Christmas Mocaccino


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