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Our Automatic Coffee Makers

Automatic Espresso Machines

Automatic Coffee Machines

Experience the simplicity of our automatic espresso machines without compromising quality. Whether it be an espresso or cappuccino, enjoy your favorite coffee beverage with just one touch.
One Touch Experience
Automatic Grinding
Coffee Brewing Technology
Milk Frothing Technology
Your Personal Coffee Shop

Perfect coffee in just one touch

A De'Longhi automatic coffee maker lets you prepare hot and cold drinks at the touch of a button.

A De’Longhi automatic coffee maker lets you prepare hot and cold drinks at the touch of a button.


From bean to cup

Automatically transforms your favourite beans into a perfect cup of coffee, rich in flavour.


Engineered for coffee quality, cup after cup

Grinding, tamping, hot or cold brewing and frothing. Engineered by De'Longhi to transfer the full flavour of your beans to your cup.


Perfect foam in just one touch

The exclusive De’Longhi LatteCrema Technology automatically creates perfectly creamy and rich foam with milk and plant-based drinks and automatically cleans itself.


Discover a world of coffee recipes

From a perfetto espresso to cappuccinos, flat whites and cold brew drinks with a De'Longhi automatic coffee maker, you're just one touch away from 50+ hot and cold coffee and milk recipes.

We have the perfect espresso machine for you

ECAM29084SB_fronte Latte macchiato_fondo bianco 2espresso.jpg

Magnifica Evo The Coffee Essentials. Great espresso-based drinks.
One touch coffee and milk essentials LatteCrema Hot (small carafe) Soft touch colored icons

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Dinamica Plus Hot beverage variety. From Espresso to Cappuccino, every taste is welcome.
Wide variety of espresso and milk based drinks LatteCrema Hot 3,5" TFT full touch colour display and Coffee Link App

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PrimaDonna Elite Wide beverage variety with premium design and finishings.
Wide variety of espresso and milk based drinks LatteCrema Hot 4,3" TFT full touch colour display and Coffee Link App Mixcarafe
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Discover the full range of automatic espresso machines

A world of options for every type of coffee experience

Magnifica. The essential way to start your bean to cup journey.

Enter the world of coffee experiences with just one touch.
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Eletta Explore. Hot, cold and cold brew. Perfetto.

Explore an endless variety of hot, cold and Cold Brew creative coffee recipes.

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Primadonna. Tailor-made coffee perfection.

Statement design and coffee perfection at home
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Dinamica. Hot 1-touch coffee drinks at the touch of a button

Streamlined design with intuitive touch button controls and LCD display.

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Which De'Longhi coffee maker is right for you?

Find your perfect coffee maker in a few easy steps. To make it even more special, we'll also give you an exclusive discount!

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Engineered for flavour

Indulge your sense with De'Longhi cutting-edge brewing technologies, designed to deliver a delightful coffee experience and a perfect cup every time.

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Bring the Cold Brew experience home

Quickly and easily create a rich and smooth Cold Brew coffee at home with the innovative Cold Extraction Technology by De'Longhi

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Perfect extraction for every kind of bean

Bean Adapt Technology preserves the full falvour and aroma of your coffee from bean to cup by automatically adjusting the grinding parameters of your coffee machine to match the coffee bean being used.
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The secret behind a perfect, frothy drink

LatteCrema Hot and Cold Technologies automatically serve a long-lasting and creamy foam at the perfect hot or cold temperature, ensuring that every cup is a moment of pure pleasure.

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More than just automatics

More than just automatics

There's a coffee maker for every taste. Discover yours.