Grills & Barbecue

The pleasure of all-day home grilling

Prepare a whole range of recipes, simply and with perfect results.

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Extreme flexibility for all your dishes, any time of day

  • Contact grill

    Ideal for reducing cooking time, the “Panini press” mode gives you perfect toasted sandwiches.

  • Open grill

    By maximising the cooking surface, this mode doubles the grilling capacity: save time, grill more.

  • Oven grill

    Allows you to grill with the bottom plate and roast with the top one: no more squashed food.

Absolute cooking precision, in your hands

Electronic temperature control: get used to perfect results, every time.

Two separate thermostats allow you to manage the temperature of each of the two plates via the knobs on the control panel. The sear function is ideal for sealing meat during the early stages of cooking, keeping it tender and juicy inside.

Versatile Cooking

Provides a true all-in-one cooking experience.

Removeable aluminium die cast plates with embedded heating elements for even edge-to edge cooking. The Grill and Griddle plates provided can be interchanged for grilling meats, fish or vegetables, or pressing toasted sandwiches or paninis. Optional Waffle plates are available as an additional accessory to also create delicious, fluffy waffles for the whole family..

Perfect results every time and anytime

Recipes, tips and tricks at your fingertips,
with our Multigrill app

Multigrill comes with its own mobile app, featuring a handy recipe book filled with delicious new dishes to try. Guiding you through each stage of cooking, the app points out the most delicate steps: the perfect ally for an impeccable result, every time.

Download the Multigrill app from the App Store or Google Play.