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Your personal guide
to De’Longhi

Your personal guide to De’Longhi

Are you considering buying a De’Longhi coffee machine, and want help matching one to your lifestyle? Do you already have a machine and need help troubleshooting, or just want some tips and tricks for making even tastier coffee? 

In just three easy steps, you can book a personal online session, with one of our friendly product consultants.

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De'Longhi Sydney Coffee Lounge

De'Longhi Coffee Lounge, Sydney, is our premier concept store, and features our complete collection of coffee machines, accessories, and specialty coffee from some of Australia’s best roasters.

Our friendly team is available for consultation, and visitors are encouraged to get hands-on with our machines. We also host weekly espresso and latte art workshops, where you can learn to handcraft perfect coffee, in a friendly, relaxed environment.

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espresso masterclasses at the syndey coffee lounge

Espresso Masterclass

Espresso Masterclass

Would you like to learn some barista basics and improve your foundational coffee-making skills? In this masterclass, we discuss the variables of dose, grind, temperature, tamping, and channelling, and we share tips and tricks so you can confidently craft rich, aromatic espresso at home


latte art masterclasses at delonghi sydney coffee lounge in sydney

Latte Art Masterclass

Latte Art Masterclass

Would you like to know how to texture milk, and craft a café-quality flat white or cappuccino? During this fun, interactive experience, our talented team of coffee experts will help you stretch, spin, and texture your milk, until you can confidently craft quality coffee, and create simple latte art.


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When you schedule your appointment, you will receive an email link to the session. You can connect via mobile or web browser. For privacy, your webcam will be automatically disabled, so please enable the camera should you prefer to be seen.