Pinguino Water-to-Air PAC WE112ECO

This product is now discontinued

  • R290 Eco Gas – Low Global Warming Impact

    R290 Eco Gas – Low Global Warming Impact

    Our ECO models PACWE112ECO and PACA100ECO do not contain gases (CFC or HCFC) dangerous to the ozone layer or with a marked greenhouse effect (HCF). The air conditioners use a completely natural and non-toxic fluid: R290.

  • ECC LCD Display

    ECC LCD Display

    ECC (Electronic Climate Control) wide and bright LCD display brings a touch of style and allows an easy use of the appliance.

  • Non-Stop Water Refill

    Non-Stop Water Refill

    Water tank can easily be refilled at any time, without moving the appliance. The tank has a 10 litre capacity and allows operation with water for up to 6 hours.