Manual Espresso Coffee Machines

Looking for a barista coffee machine to make excellent café quality drinks? Or a compact size espresso machine to fit your kitchen's benchtop? Our range of manual espresso coffee machines is designed for you. Let the barista inside you flowing and enjoy the ultimate coffee experience. Turn your home into your own café with our manual coffee machine. Serve your family and friends the finest hand-crafted coffee. It's easy to make authentic espresso and cappuccino with our traditional espresso coffee machine.


Manual espresso machine: how does it work?

If you have a grinder with a manual espresso machine, start by grinding the beans to your preferred powder thickness. This may range from fine-like sand to coarse-like salt. Place the fresh coffee ground into the filter-holder, fill its basket up and then tamper down. Place it back firmly into the espresso machine, then add hot water (preferably, off the boil) to the water chamber. Press the pump down gently and stop it about midway. This action applies the right amount of pressure and pre-infuses the coffee. Wait for the coffee to swell or until the coffee ground is evenly saturated. Press the pump down to apply the needed full brewing pressure. Continue pressing the pump until all the liquid coffee is extracted into the cup. Follow this process and experiment with different methods until you find the right combination of grind, water temperature, and coffee amount to suit your taste.

Using E.S.E. Pods with the pump espresso machines

With a barista coffee machine at home, you can experience the pleasure of making hand-crafted coffee like at the cafe. Skip the queues and make the same quality cup - be it a cappuccino, flat white, latte, mocha or macchiato. Start with the beans. Buy them raw and roast them at home. It's fun and fascinating! Once they are roasted, store them in an airtight container in a dry place. When you feel like a cup, practice your barista skills and grind them to your desired thickness. Place the fresh coffee ground in the filter-holder and make the espresso machine to run hot water. Set the brewing temperature to match the coffee type - a higher temperature is ideal a lighter roast or a lower temperature for a darker roast. Wait until your cup is filled with aromatic coffee. Add creaming frothy milk or cream to your heart’s content. Enjoy barista-quality coffee from the comfort of home.

The touch of the barista in your espresso

The Easy Serving Express Pods are an easy way of making coffee without compromising on texture and taste. E.S.E. Pods are pre-packed coffee ground pods that work in the same way as tea-bags. Conveniently, they allow you to skip the time needed to grind the coffee beans. Instead, you can insert an E.S.E. Pod in the filter-holder and position it back into the espresso machine. Follow the usual coffee-making method by filling the water chamber with hot water. Press the pump slowly then stop to pre-infuse the coffee ground in the Pod. Continue pumping until you extract all the liquid coffee into the cup. Remove the Pod and use it as compost for the garden, if you desire. Relax with a fine cup of coffee. The main advantage of using E.S.E Pods is ensuring a consistent taste of your coffee plus saving time. You can buy packs of 25 Pods


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