Nespresso Capsules Coffee Machines

If you like your espresso quick and easy, then a capsule coffee machine is perfect for you. Our range of coffee pod machines is designed for those espresso lovers who do not have the time and simply desire quality coffee. Insert a Nespresso capsule and at the press of a button, your selected blend is ready within a minute.

Nespresso capsules are made from aluminum, which preserves the coffee’s freshness, and are reusable. Each capsule contains an exact dose of 5 to 6 grams of coffee. Depending on your serving size and preferred strength, you can use more than one capsule per cup. No grinding required, enjoy a fresh, quality espresso now with just one capsule.


Lattissima: the pod coffee machine with milk frother

For those who love milk-based coffee and have no time to wait, our Lattissima machine can make that quality beverage quickly. Whether it is a cappuccino or a flat white, a latte macchiato or a latte, you can now enjoy it with the perfect froth.

Conveniently, the Nespresso by De'Longhi pod coffee machine with milk frother has a re-attachable milk container to store the milk. Simply insert the capsule into the machine, attach the milk container, and press the button for your favourite beverage. Adjust the dial above the milk container for the perfect froth. Within a minute, you can enjoy the rich flavours of a latte-style coffee.