Filter - Drip Coffee Machines

Drip coffee lovers will rejoice at our easy to use drip coffee machine in Australia. Designed for automating pour-over coffee, our filter coffee machine and pour-over coffee machine makes up to 10 large cups (or 15 smaller ones). With an elegant design that includes digital controls and aroma selector, it always delivers consistent good cups.

The brewing system in our filter coffee maker is simple to use and efficient. Water is heated to an optimal temperature before dripping into a filter containing coarsely ground coffee. The water absorbs the oils (which give coffee its finest taste), as well as the aromas and caffeine. The liquid soaks down into the pot, creating the rich typical flavour of drip coffee; adjust the brewing time to your desired strength and flavour. Then relax with the perfect cup. Enjoy the pleasure of your favourite coffee every day, by yourself or with family and friends. With this drip filter coffee machine, fresh and aromatic coffee is only one button touch away.