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How can I improve the crema of my coffee using my pump  espresso machine?

Here are some tips on how to brew an excellent espresso:

- First of all, choose a good quality coffee

- Keep in mind that normally the coffee blends contain the two primary types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta that have significant differences. Arabica beans have a sweeter and softer taste. Robusta has a stronger taste. The more Arabica percentage there is, the sweeter and softer the coffee will be, the more Robusta percentage there is, the creamier and stronger the taste will be.

- Completely fill the coffee filter (1 measuring cup =7 grams) and then pack the coffee powder.

- If you use coffee pods, make sure that they are E.S.E pods. Make sure that you are correctly positioning them inside the filter. Some pods manufacturers suggest how to correctly use them.

Achieving a good espresso means having a good combination of machine and coffee blend and by making correct use of both.