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Descalers & Water Filters

EcoDecalk Mini - Descaling Solution (2 x 100ml)


Descaling solution to remove internal limescale deposits, improve machine function, and keep your coffee delicious.

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Keep your coffee tasting delicious with the regular use of our eco-friendly descaler

  • Descaling solution designed to remove limescale deposits from the mechanics of your coffee machine
  • Synchronising the water hardness setting of your coffee machine to your local water, will determine how regularly you need to descale
  • Pack provides 2 descaling treatments
  • Suitable for all coffee machines
  • Packaging material is 100% recyclable
Genuine care product for the best results

Genuine care product for the best results

This genuine care product is recommended for all De'Longhi coffee makers. The natural and eco-friendly descaling solution helps to extend the life of your machine and provide an authentic coffee taste in every cup.
Quick and easy to use
Just add 100ml of EcoDecalk to your coffee maker's water tank and follow instructions for your machine's descaling function.
Natural descaler
This natural, lactic acid-based descaler is more effective than traditional descalers and is suitable for all coffee makers.
Discover how it works
EcoDecalk effectively reduces limescale deposits to help extend the life of the machine and maintain coffee flavour.


Category Coffee Machine Care
EcoDecalk Mini - Descaling Solution (2 x 100ml)

EcoDecalk Mini - Descaling Solution (2 x 100ml)


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