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Milk Carafe - Rivelia


Milk carafe automatically textures milk into smooth microfoam, compatible with Rivelia

  • $70.00
Inc. GST where applicable
In stock SKU: AS00006308

Compatible with: Rivelia EXAM440.55 - FEB4455 - R5

  • Suitable for preparing hot beverages
  • LatteCrema Hot automatically delivers a fine rich hot milk foam at the right hot temperature for all milk-based coffee beverages; use cold milk for optimal in-cup results
  • One-touch self-cleaning function can be activated after each use
  • Detachable, can be stored in the fridge after use
  • Use multiple carafes for different kinds of milk
  • Dishwasher safe (all components must be disassembled)
  • This milk frothing jug is compatible with Rivelia automatic coffee machine