How to choose your coffee maker: quality, accessories, size and needs

Coffee is a matter of taste, and taste varies: from tepid double foam vegan Cappuccinos to perfect single-origin Espressos, there are countless ways to say yes to coffee, so selecting a home coffee machine is a decision that one should not make lightly. Indeed, there’s a coffee machine for everyone–it’s just a matter of finding a device tailored to one’s needs. With thoughtful design and distinct versatility, the variety of coffee machines on the market lets coffee lovers brew cafe-style bean to cup experiences at home according to their preferences. Which one to say yes to?

Here’s our guide to selecting which coffee machine is best for you.

Bean to cup: Automatic vs Manual

Where to start? No compromises between quality and efficiency: both fully automatic and manual machines offer a bean to cup experience, assuring that the ideal coffee extraction is executed by the machine, thanks to the technologies that they embody in a single brewing unit. No grinder on a side is needed since it is fully integrated into the machine. Fully automatic machines are suitable for all those consumers who are looking for an automatic and technological solution that is convenient and easy to use, equipped with a smart and interactive interface. They are ideal for those who are looking for a wide beverage variety (both black coffee and milk drinks) thanks to a wide range of coffee and milk drinks ready at the touch of a button.

Alternatively, manual machines require active involvement. Usually, technically savvy coffee drinkers opt for the latter to challenge their inner baristas at home.

Here’s a look at how to choose the best De’Longhi coffee maker for yourself or the coffee lovers in your life.

For those who prioritise a variety of coffee and milk drinks: Dinamica Plus

De’Longhi Dinamica Plus can craft an extensive selection of coffee drinks, all delivered with just “one touch.” Whether one wants an authentic Espresso or creamy Cappuccino, the machine provides Barista-like high-quality results. An integrated grinder with 13 settings grounds fresh beans, creating the perfect consistency and best aroma extraction, but the machine also features De’Longhi LatteCrema Hot Technology, which automatically delivers a dense, creamy milk froth at the perfect hot temperature, until the last drop.

What about the drinks? Just select one of the featured ones or create and customise your own, saving all in different user profiles. And to be more creative than ever, discover infinite personalization and receive unlimited advice thanks to the Coffee Link App. The Dinamica Plus is definitely the machine that keeps the whole family happy, from teenagers to grown-up espresso geeks.

For those eager to explore coffee & beans variety: PrimaDonna Soul

What makes this new, fully automatic machine exceptionally special is its Bean Adapt Technology, which lets consumers extract the maximum potential from every bean: it sets specific grinding and brewing parameters to execute the perfect coffee extraction, based on the coffee beans you have chosen for delicious in-cup results every time.

Specifically designed for coffee lovers eager to experiment with new flavours and beverages, the machine features 21 one-touch unique and customized coffee and milk recipes, including the new Cortado, Long Black, and Brew-Over-Ice options. The PrimaDonna Soul also features the LatteCrema Hot Technology to automatically deliver a creamy rich hot foam, until the last drop. In addition, its Mug-to-Go function is ideal for those who want to take their beverage on the go. And for those seeking maximum comfort, even when in a hurry, with the Coffee Link App you can choose your favourite cup with a few taps on your smartphone! It’s the coffee machine every geek has always wanted to get their hands on to attempt every new coffee shop trend and drink.

For those who occasionally enjoy milk-based drinks: The Magnifica Evo

With its cutting-edge design and intuitive approach, Magnifica Evo meets every preference thanks to its user-friendly interface, a colour-control panel and LatteCrema Hot Technology for automatic milk preparations. 7 one-touch recipes including Long, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato are available on the control panel and thanks to the MyLatte function every consumer could program their own customized drinks: just fill the carafe with the quantity of fresh milk you like and the machine will froth it until the carafe is empty to guarantee no milk waste. With a smart interface for an intuitive interaction, it’s ideal for those who only choose the best in every facet of their lives.

For those who wish to emulate baristas at home: The La Specialista Family

De’Longhi La Specialista manual machine family comprises three models: Arte, Prestigio e Maestro.

They all feature the MyLatte Art steam wand, perfect to texture silky smooth microfoam and practising Latte Art creations. La Specialista family combines the craftmanship of coffee making with the science of the craft, allowing you to experiment with coffee beverages and test your barista skills at home.

La Specialista Arte is the most compact, making it ideal for small kitchens. The device features eight grinder settings, two pre-set coffee drinks and a barista tool kit with a dosing and tamping guide to eliminate mess whilst grinding and to help a precise tamping.

La Specialista Prestigio builds upon the Arte to feature a Smart Tamping Station that delivers consistent tamping pressure and the Sensor Grinding Technology to find the perfect texture with all coffee beans variety.

With two milk-frothing options and six pre-set drinks, La Specialista Maestro is the most intriguing of the La Specialista family. Its built-in Dynamic Pre-infusion matches the infusion to the grind setting for optimal extraction. The machine is also equipped with the LatteCrema Hot Technology and Sensor Grinding Technology setting up hopeful home baristas for success.

There is a coffee machine for every taste and expertise: choose the one that is perfect for your ideal coffee experience at home and join the De’Longhi coffee-pro brigade!

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