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Accessibility Statement

We are committed to providing the best user experience possible. For this reason we are working to make the information and communication technologies of this website accessible to individuals with disabilities by meeting the requirements of national regulations which transpose the Directive (EU) 2016/2102 (accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies).

We continually test the digital content and features of this website for WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance and remediate any issues with the support of a professional provider: Level Access.

Accessibility Features

  • Navigation of most of the website using just a keyboard;
  • Navigation of most of the website using a modern screen reader and speech recognition software;
  • Media elements with text descriptions as alternative contents;
  • Main navigation elements focusable and arranged in a logical/sequential order;
  • Main content elements reflecting a meaningful and correct reading sequence;
  • Zoom up to 200% without problems.

Click on this link to use the Level Access assistive technologies

Feedback and contact information

As accessibility standards continue to change, we strive to keep our website up to date.

If you have feedback or concerns related to the accessibility of any content on this website or if you need further information please contact us and let us know the specific problems you have encountered.