Francesca Bieker: Coffee taste practice

“Humans can take advantage of all 5 senses when tasting coffee.”

Francesca is a coffee taster who offers training and consulting for companies operating in the coffee sector. Her specialty is tasting various types of coffee and understanding their characteristics and in this episode of Behind Your Coffee, she explains how to use all five senses when tasting coffee.

The episode
When tasting coffee, all five senses need to be used. Starting right from the beginning, simply looking at the coffee in the cup reveals something about its cream and the numerous aspects in the cup. Then its smell. Its taste. The coffee stays in the mouth for a moment and then it’s swallowed. With touch then, it’s not just with the hands but the sensation of the coffee in the mouth that says a lot about the coffee. Always remember that coffee comes from a fruit, and that’s how it should be treated.


A harmony of art and science, enjoyed by coffee experts

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