Pinguino UV-Carelight


Enjoy cooling that protects1 your family with Pinguino UV-Carelight air conditioner

Enjoy home comfort with the Pinguino UV-Carelight, the innovative air conditioner that keeps you cool while protecting you and your family from bacteria and viruses1 through UV-C Technology. It features intuitive controls and provides powerful and efficient cooling, with Eco Real Feel Technology for an eco-friendly home. UV-C Technology can be activated in each mode: cooling, dehumidifying or ventilation.

  • UV-C Technology, effective against bacteria and viruses1
  • Powerful BTU/H 13,0002 (3.3 kW3) cooling capacity for rooms up to 120m3
  • Eco Real Feel tracks humidity and temperature to automatically deliver comfortable cooling, saving 30% on energy consumption4
  • Dehumidifying function up to 36L/24 hours5
Effective against bacteria and viruses<sup>1</sup>

Effective against bacteria and viruses1

With Ultra-Violet (UV-C) LEDs, Pinguino UV-Carelight protects you and your family. You can activate the UV-C Technology in any mode: cooling, dehumidifying or ventilation.
Eco Real Feel Technology

Eco Real Feel Technology

This A-rated portable air conditioner can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% thanks to Eco Real Feel4: it tracks both temperature and humidity to achieve and maintain optimum comfort automatically. When in Eco Real Feel mode, the colour of the Comfort Light will display the room comfort level: orange for 'looking for comfort', green for 'good level', blue for 'perfect comfort'.
Comfort level at a glance
The front facing display makes it easy to read your current settings from across the room. Control your comfort level easily with the sensor touch panel.
Remote control
Easily control your settings and comfort level from where you sit with the handy and intuitive remote control.
Portable comfort
Easily move the air conditioner from room to room thanks to it castor wheels and integrated handles.
Quiet operation
Enjoy your preferred micro-climate in peace and quiet thanks to Silent Technology.


Control panel
Display LED - with CLI
Controls IR Remote Control
Technical Data
Dehumidifying capacity (l/24h) 36
Weight (Kg) 32
Cooling capacity (BTU/h) 13 000
Dimensions (wxdxh) (mm) 445x390x805
Energy efficiency class
Stand-by power consumption (W) 0.8
Air flow (min-med-max) 235-270-310
Maximum sound power level dB(A) 65
For rooms up to (m³) 120
Noise pressure level (min-max) 47-50
Fan speed 3
Cooling capacity (kW) 3.3
Input power (W) 1300
Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz) 220-240~50
EER 2.6
Refrigerant gas R290
Colour Material Finish
Colour White
Room thermostat
Timer 24
Filter Silver ion
Remote Control
Condensate recycling system
Motorised louvres
Hose length (mm) 1 200
Hose diameter (mm) 150
Flange with cap
Single/double hole window bracket
UV-C Technology
Eco Real Feel
Silent technology
Dehumidifying function
Fan function

1Killing rate: 94.6% bacteria (Escherichia coli) and 99.5% viruses (H1N1) in a 3 m3 test chamber after 2 hours, in cooling mode, low speed

235°C/80% R.H.

335°C/40% R.H. (EN14511)

4Internal test, initial condition 30°C and 40% R.H.

535°C/80% R.H.

6696 compared to the impact on Global Warming of R410 - F-Gas reg. 517/2014

PAC UV-CARELIGHT Pinguino Portable air conditioner

Pinguino UV-Carelight


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