Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B


Clarity, simplicity and clearly identified functions. Eletta is the harmonious marriage between design and functionality.

Grinding technology
Grinding technology

The integrated grinding technology always grinds the beans fresh. Grinding level can be adjusted according to taste. The conical steel grinders are calibrated for 100% accuracy.

The freshest coffee
The freshest coffee

De'Longhi Tubeless System reduces the amount of coffee powder left inside the grinder to a minimum so only newly ground coffee is used to brew your espresso.

Temperature control
Temperature control

The advanced Thermoblock system guarantees the precise control of the brewing temperature for an optimal coffee extraction.

Easy cleaning
Easy cleaning

For optimal hygiene, the carafe comes with an integrated clean function: after beverage preparation, all parts in contact with milk are automatically washed with hot water and steam.

  • 尺寸 (W x D x H cm): 26,0x46,0x36,0
  • 重量 (KG): 11
  • 電壓 (V~Hz): 220/240~50/60
  • 輸入功率(瓦)    : 1450
  • 選擇您喜愛的顏色: 黑色
  • 美式咖啡製造功能:
  • 粉量控制:
  • 按鍵音:
  • 自動清洗功能:
  • 自動關機功能:
  • 豆槽容量: 400g
  • 自動奶泡壺清潔提示功能:
  • 殘渣桶容量: 14
  • 咖啡粉槽設計:
  • 置杯盤設計:
  • 新型“LatteCrema”系統設計:
  • 清洗除鈣功能:
  • 咖啡出水口置杯高度調整,從min至max: 90/142mm
  • 液晶顯示螢幕: 2-line with icons
  • 節能功能:
  • 新型13段調整靜音磨豆機:
  • 電源開關:
  • 可設定自動開機功能:
  • 可調整水質硬度:
  • 幫浦壓力 (bar): 15
  • 可抽取式廢水盤及滿水位警示設計:
  • 抽取式沖泡器:
  • 可移動抽取式水箱設計:
  • 單杯按鍵:
  • 雙杯按鍵:
  • 待機功能:

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