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You can trust us: De’Longhi against counterfeits

Counterfeiting is an illegal global phenomenon, partially driven by more convincing fake goods that can be found everywhere and might be difficult to identify.
Their proliferation adversely affects brands and poses real risks for consumers, if not made to proper safety and quality standards.

De’Longhi Group has always been committed to the defense of its intellectual property rights and is also pro-actively engaged in tackling counterfeits through enforcement activities (on- and off-line vigilance, complex legal actions etc.). Our aim is to preserve our brand identity and protect our consumers.

Tips and tricks when shopping

Fake products can look very similar to the genuine ones. Here are some tips to identify fake De’Longhi products:
  • Price: generally, fake goods are sold at a very low price. Exercise caution when the price appears unreasonably cheap.
  • Product quality: fake goods are poorly manufactured and made with inferior quality materials or cheap finishes. If the product you purchased does not perform as it would normally be expected, there is a high chance it is a counterfeit product.
  • Images and description of the product on the internet: beware of fake websites that imitate De’Longhi’s webpages. Look out for listings with vague or incorrect descriptions, with poor quality images or typos.
  • Packaging: we do not sell loose products. You should only buy products within their proper packaging, with De’Longhi Group’s logos and trademarks properly displayed.
  • Accessories: our original accessories are always meant to fit perfectly and function well with our products. If accessories do not fit with the product you have, they are unlikely to be genuine.
  • Resellers: you should only buy products from either our official stores or trusted resellers. They always show their address, location and business data. If you have doubts, do not hesitate to verify company and payment information. Beware of deceptive or vague answers.

Help us to fight counterfeiting

If you believe that you may have unknowingly purchased a fake De’Longhi Group product, or that you have found a counterfeit dealer, please report it to us, by writing an email to the following email address: counterfeit.report@delonghigroup.com. We will analyse your request and carry out any necessary further investigations.