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Keep your coffee maker clean and free from milk residue with Eco MultiClean

De'Longhi Eco MultiClean is an effective and eco-friendly cleaning solution for all coffee makers. It's designed to deep clean milk circuits, including the carafe and steam wand, to remove milk proteins and fats. Plus it's suitable for cleaning milk residue from all the removable components of your machine that can be rinsed.

  • Cleans the milk carafe circuit of bean-to-cup coffee makers
  • Removes milk residue and cleans external and removable parts of your coffee maker
  • Made from more than 99% readily biodegradable ingredients and is gentle on hands
  • Suitable for all coffee makers
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Genuine care product for the best results

Genuine care product for the best results

Eco MultiClean is suitable for all De'Longhi coffee makers. Use it regularly to extend the life of your machine and ensure an authentic coffee taste in every cup.
Quick and easy to use
Eco MultiClean can be poured directly into your milk jug or onto a cloth to wipe down surfaces, making it easy to remove milk residue.
Natural cleaner
This gentle yet effective cleaner is made with natural and high quality raw materials and is gentle on the hands.
Discover how it works
Press the milk delivery button to run this cleaner through the milk circuits for a deep clean, helping to extend the life of the machine.