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Cold Brew Negroni


A refreshing and sophisticated twist on a classic cocktail, perfect for those who love complex and nuanced coffee-based drinks.


  • Coffee beans – 100% Arabica – Colombia
  • 30ml – Campari
  • 30ml – gin
  • 45ml – vermouth
  • orange rind
  • large ice cube
Best If Prepared With
La Specialista Maestro Cold Brew
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Cold Brew Glass
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Step 1

First, prepare a ‘Cold Brew’ in a glass.

Step 2

Then, place a large ice cube into the glass and add Campari, Gin and Vermouth over the top.

Step 3

Add 4 ice cubes.

Step 4

Finally, stir well and add a twist of orange rind.

Step 5

Top up with soda.

Step 6

Place the glass under the spout and prepare a ‘Cold Brew to mix’.