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LatteCrema Cool upgrade Set


Unlock a refreshing experience with the new online-exclusive LatteCrema Cool Upgrade Set for your Rivelia with LatteCrema Hot Technology.

If you already have a Rivelia with LatteCrema Hot Technology at home, your coffee experience is about to get cooler.
Introducing the LatteCrema Cool Upgrade Set - an online-exclusive that unlocks a new dimension of cold coffee possibilities. Simply attach the included LatteCrema Cool carafe to your Rivelia to automatically and effortlessly add 6 unique cold drink options: Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffelatte, Cappuccino Mix, Flat White and Cold Milk.
And to complete the experience, this all-in-one set also includes four thermal glasses, ensuring your drinks stay refreshingly cool, along with a recipe book to inspire your home barista journey.

  • LatteCrema Cool carafe
  • 2x 400 ml thermal glasses
  • 2x 490 ml thermal glasses
  • Recipe book
    Compatible with EXAM440.55 models

Discover Lattecrema Cool upgrade set

LatteCrema Cool Technology

LatteCrema Cool Technology

Thanks to high-precision electronic controls, LatteCrema Cool Technology automatically delivers a rich, creamy and long lasting foam, at the right cold temperature and at the touch of a button. Enjoy all your favourite cold milk-based drinks with dairy or plant-based alternatives*.
Cool varieties
The LatteCrema Cool Upgrade Set enhances your Rivelia, inspiring a world of creative cold recipes. Unleash your imagination and recreate the coolest bar experience right at home with the recipe book included.
Thermal glasses
Enjoy your cold drinks with the thermal glasses in 2 different sizes included in the set. With insulating properties to keep your coffee cooler for longer, they’re also comfortable to hold, condensation free and dishwasher safe.
Zero waste
Your leftover milk won't go to waste. Simply place the LatteCrema Cool carafe in the refrigerator and keep your milk fresh until the next time you want to use it.
Easy to clean
The LatteCrema Cool carafe is equipped with an automatic cleaning system: just turn the dial to CLEAN and your coffee maker will do the rest. The carafe is also easily disassembled and dishwasher-safe, for an extra level of hygiene.

Cold milk drinks with LatteCrema Cool Technology

*In case of allergies or intolerances to dairy milk or plant-based drinks, customers are required to read the instructions manual.
Frothing quality may differ according to the type of milk or plant-based drink used, or the individual brand, ingredients and nutritional value.