Moka Pots

Brew rich espresso the Italian way with the De’Longhi Alicia, an electric moka pot made for traditional coffee lovers. 

Tradition meets modern practicality in this stylish aluminum moka pot from De’Longhi. Enjoy the easiest way to make real Italian coffee, on any surface, at any time. With cordless operation, a detachable swivel base and a convenient keep-warm function, our machine takes the trouble out of making moka coffee. 

The brewing process of moka espresso is unique and fascinating to watch, and thanks to the transparent container, you can monitor the entire brewing process without removing the lid. Water is boiled in the bottom compartment, and the pressure of the steam forces it up through your coffee grounds and up into the top compartment. You have complete control over the flavor of your moka espresso.

The cool-touch base of a De’Longhi moka pot means you can take it anywhere, and use it on any flat surface. Each machine has a safety automatic shut-off so there’s no need to worry about your espresso burning, stewing or overflowing. Our moka pots also have a 'keep warm' function so there's no rush — rich, fulfilling espresso can be enjoyed at any time, at any pace.

The De’Longhi Alicia is designed with a transparent container that allows you to monitor the unique, and fascinating brewing process of moka espresso right before your eyes — giving you access without having to remove the lid. The Moka process is made easy with the electric moka pot which involves just a few steps before presenting you with the perfect espresso. Simply fill the aluminum boiler with water and the filter with your choice of ground coffee. The water is boiled in the bottom compartment, ensuring it reaches the ideal temperature for infusing with the ground coffee. Once this point is reached, the pressure of the steam forces the water up through the coffee, and into the top compartment. The De’Longhi moka pot makes sure that you have complete control over the flavor of your moka espresso, so sit back and relax.

Our beautifully crafted moka pots make an attractive addition to your coffee station at work or home, making larger batches of espresso than other machines to satisfy your whole family, your guests or your workplace. The De’Longhi Alicia moka pot is a simple and compact machine that allows you to repeatedly make up to six cups of rich espresso to use in cappucinos, lattes, americanos or to drink straight for a quick fix.

Brew the perfect espresso every time. With the convenient filter adapter that lets you choose between 3 and 6 cups of espresso you’ll be able to serve beautifully brewed espresso to friends and family or just for yourself. On the move? The cool-touch base of a De’Longhi moka pot means that you can take it anywhere, and use it on any flat surface. The cordless operation feature and the detachable base mean serving is made simple wherever you’re using it. Never worry about handling — our machines are also designed with a cool touch handle and with a pressurized safety valve to ensure the highest level of safety in operation.

Looking for a coffee machine you can rely on? Each of our machines are designed to automatically shut off with a 2-level safety system meaning you have one less thing to worry about in the morning. The safety system will turn the unit off as soon as it has finished brewing and the body is lifted from the base. Make barista style espresso at home with ease — your De’Longhi Alicia moka pot machine is fitted with an on/off switch and an indicator light to ensure easy operation. Stylish and durable, the high-quality aluminum boilers featured on our moka pot machines will allow you to enjoy great espresso for years to come.

Integral to De’Longhi’s brand values are quality, reliability and timeless style. Our moka pots, like all our products and appliances, are subjected to rigorous quality checks. These top of the range machines are still designed, produced, and assembled by hand in long established Italian production sites. When you make coffee with a De’Longhi machine, feel safe in the knowledge that you have over a century of our expertise behind you with every cup.