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Do you offer out of warranty service on La Specialista coffee makers?

We now offer a service to repair your La Specialista (Arte, Prestigio and Maestro) coffee makers when is no cover under the warranty anymore. 
The service include: 

  •       Service Box to return your unit for repair
  •       Includes prepaid shipping both ways, emailed after purchase
  •       Complete diagnostics performed
  •       Labor and parts included
  •       Complete safety and performance test
  •       Professional Cleaning
  •       Descaling with De'Longhi Descaler

Terms & Conditions:

  •      Units are evaluating for repair upon receipt
  •      After inspection you will be notify if repair is not possible with additional options
  •       3 months warranty on repair if same defect 

You can purchase one, based on the model you have, from this link