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I cannot insert my drip tray. What can I do?

If the shut down process has not been fully completed the infuser will be in the wrong position blocking the tray to be inserted. Please carry out the following recommendations to rectifythis problem:

  • Withthe machineswitched ontakethegroundscontainer (the container where used coffee is collected) and insert it in its correct position in the machine without the full drip tray assembly. You may need to lift it slightly to get it to insert fully in its slot.
  • Once the door is closed turn the machine on. You should hear the infuser mechanism resetting. Wait for this to stop.
  • Turn the machine off by the power button at the front of the machine.
  • Wait for the shutdown process to complete fully and all lights to go out. The machine may do a rinse at this point.
  • You can now turn the machine off.
  • When you open the service door the infuser will now be in the correct position and you can insert the drip tray.