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Refurbish, Reuse,
Reduce waste

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Why choose a refurbished product?

In a world where consumption is a habit, buying reconditioned products is a revolutionary choice with no side effects.
Your renewed product will be delivered to you in excellent condition so that you can enjoy flawless coffee moments while saving up to XX%.
A daily joy for you, a useful support for the planet.
The product is checked by our technicians to identify if any repairment is needed and assess the level of aesthetics and functionality
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Product care
Damaged parts are replaced with brand new De'Longhi components
03-Testing time.png
Testing time
Our technicians perform electrical safety and functional tests to ensure that the product is in like-new condition
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Ready for you
After passing all rigorous tests, the product is packed and ready to bring elegance and pleasure to your home

De’Longhi guaranteed quality

We guarantee you the renowned De'Longhi quality in each of our refurbished products. Our excellent selection is ready to give you the utmost satisfaction in your moments at home
Refurbished Fully Automatic Coffee Makers 23 Series
Refurbished Fully Automatic Coffee Makers Magnifica Evo
Refurbished Fully Automatic Coffee Makers Magnifica
Refurbished Fully Automatic Coffee Makers Magnifica

Let’s make eco-conscious choices together

We believe big changes start from small actions, that’s why we have decided to offer you the option of purchasing refurbished products.
This allows us to keep precious resources in use rather than waste them.
We can all play a part in creating a more sustainable future.

If you are a real coffee lover…

… join Coffee Lounge, a unique place where we celebrate coffee culture and inspire people to make more responsible coffee choices every day.
Discover our sustainability journey
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