Vento Oil column Heater 2200W with Timer, White V550920T

Oil Heaters

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  • Long-lasting warmth thanks to the long thermal inertia of the oil inside the unit
  • Uniform warmth distribution throughout the room thanks to the unique shape of the outlets that reproduce the "Venturi Effect"
  • 24-hour  programmable timer improving comfort level, and optimising energy consumption
  • Easy to move thanks to pre-assembled folding wheels

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Long-lasting heat
Long-lasting heat

Creating long-lasting heat, since the heated oil inside maintains the heat for longer allowing the radiator to generate warmth even when the unit is switched off.

Even air distribution
Even air distribution

The patented tapered design of the fins exploits the Venturi effect increasing air speed by 40%, air temperature by 10° compared to traditional radiators for an even air distribution.

Adjustable knobs
Adjustable knobs

The adjustable knobs allow you to easily set the desired room heat, providing total control over temperature, power and timer settings.

Easy to move
Easy to move

Ready to use with no assembly operations required, and is also extremely easy to move from one room to another thanks to the innovative pre-assembled folding castors.

  • Dimensions (w x d x h cm): 64x45x14
  • Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 230~50
  • 24-hour timer: Yes
  • Castors: Yes
  • Fins (n): 9
  • For rooms up to (m³): 60
  • Heating power - Max (W): 2000
  • Heating power - Med (W): 1100
  • Heating power - Min (W): 900
  • Room thermostat: Yes

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