PrimaDonna Soul


Bean Adapt Technology.

Unleash the soul of your coffee beans.

It’s the ultimate De’Longhi innovation for coffee lovers who want the best from their coffee, without years of barista training. The Bean Adapt Technology adapts the machine’s settings according to the coffee bean you choose.

It balances grinding level, the dose of coffee and the infusion temperature, ensuring the perfect coffee extraction tailored to your preferred coffee beans.

PrimaDonna Soul

The true aroma of your coffee beans.

The perfect coffee extraction preserves the full coffee aroma to let you enjoy a balanced and flavoursome coffee experience.

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PrimaDonna Soul

coffee beans

The difference is in the bean.

The difference in the taste, acidity and body of a cup of coffee, is not just determined by the variety of the beans. Coffee beans may look similar but inside they vary greatly. It's during the roasting process that the truest flavours of the bean are extracted and enhanced. The freshness, grinding level, and brewing parameters then play an essential role in bringing out the perfect coffee extraction. The innovative Bean Adapt Technology takes the guesswork out of the brewing parameters, providing an extraction tailored to each bean.

Enjoy Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino and more with just one touch.

The LatteCrema system delivers hot, silky smooth milk without any fuss.

PrimaDonna Soul

Discovery all the characteristics of the
LatteCrema System.

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PrimaDonna Soul

At the touch of a button,
the widest variety of beverages.

Up to up to 21 beverages, including Long black, Brew Over Ice.


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Bean Adapt Technology

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