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How can I increase the temperature of my coffee when using a pump espresso machine?

The temperature of your coffee is important. Please see our tips for achieving the optimum temperature for your coffee. Pre-heat the pump espresso machine in this way:

Turn your machine on by pressing the On / Off button (the relevant LED will
light) and lock the filter holder into the appliance without filling it
with ground coffee.
Place a cup under the filter holder.
Wait until the indicator light comes on and then immediately press the coffee button. Allow the water to flow until the light shows and then interrupt delivery by pressing the same button again.
Empty the cup and wait for the indicator light to come on again. Repeat the process.
When removing the filter holder please be aware there may be a small escape of steam and the filter will be hot.

The cups can be preheated either by placing on the cup warming plate or by delivering a little hot water from your machine into the cup.

For coffee enthusiasts, we also recommend the De'Longhi thermal coffee glasses collection. They are made of borosilicate glass, thermally insulated and comfortable to
use and the coffee temperature is retained.