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Cold Tiki Vegan Latte

Oat drink

Incorporate the spicy flavours of cinnamon and ginger into your plant-based drink and enjoy a refreshing beverage perfect for all day long.


  • Coffee beans – blend of Arabica
  • 200 ml – oat drink at fridge temperature
  • 50 ml – almond syrup
  • cinnamon powder – a sprinkle
  • grated ginger – a pinch
  • ice cubes
Best If Prepared With
Eletta Explore
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Thermal glass
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Step 1

First, pour the almond syrup into the glass.

Step 2

Then, fill the glass with ice cube.

Step 3

Add a pinch of grated fresh ginger.

Step 4

Place the glass under the spout and prepare a cold “Latte Macchiato”.

Step 5

Finally, sprinkle with cinnamon powder.