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Rivelia’s stylish design makes coffee smarter than ever

Revolutionising the coffee brewing scenario, De’Longhi has designed Rivelia, its new modern bean to cup automatic coffee machine, to let you indulge in a truly remarkable coffee experience and explore the world of fresh coffee beans at the touch of a button.

As easy as it sounds, just like good design should be. Rivelia focuses on ease of use as a core principle recalling the philosophy of “good design” by the German designer Dieter Rams that in the 70’s changed the history of the design field forever. To him, good design was not only visually pleasing but also innovative, smart and durable, with the foremost objective of making a product easy to comprehend and practical to use. Rivelia perfectly incorporates this philosophy, while applying its main design principle: engineering simplicity.

Like the Italian designer Bruno Munari once said: “Everyone can complicate. Few can simplify.” Rivelia is here to simplify and give you a great cup of coffee.

Stylish and intuitive

Rivelia has been engineered to achieve a compact and sophisticated design that perfectly complements your kitchen or coffee space décor thanks to its sleek lines and colours.

It is not only stylish but also an incredibly user-friendly, innovative, technologically advanced fully automatic machine that ensures that every cup of coffee is made with ease and precision. During coffee preparation, Rivelia showcases rich and immersive animations following the bean to cup transformation journey while its playful tone of voice adds an extra layer of charm and personality. One of the key design concepts that inspired Rivelia was the idea of bringing essential components, such as the bean hopper and water reservoir, outside of the machine. This groundbreaking approach places the raw materials in plain view to let you interact easily with the machine elements.

Smart like you: a tailored coffee experience

Using Rivelia is an enjoyable and effortless personalised experience, especially for smart homeowners who will be able to enjoy up to 16 customisable coffee and milk-based drinks.

For a captivating coffee-making experience, Rivelia has an intuitive 3.5’’ full-touch colour display and innovative technology that remembers individual taste preferences. With up to 4 user profiles, Rivelia ensures that multiple users can easily create their coffee menus and tailor their drinks to their unique tastes during the day. A strong morning Cappuccino with an extra shot or a light after-lunch Americano? There is a coffee for every moment of the day and Rivelia knows it.

Must-have for the most demanding design lovers

Rivelia is the latest De’Longhi companion that effortlessly elevates any interior space. It offers four sophisticated colour options: each is carefully crafted to respond to a timeless need for products that remain beautiful and appreciable over time, from the soft and serene pebble grey to the crisp and clean arctic white, the earthy and natural beige, or the bold and striking onyx black. The choice of matt surfaces and softened corners accentuated with easy-to-clean gloss finishing ensures that Rivelia is not only a fancy addition to your kitchen or any coffee space but also a practical one.

This state-of-the-art machine has been created with design enthusiasts and high-tech users in mind and it is a true testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and passion for coffee. As Dieter Rams once said: “You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people; design is made for people”. This coffee machine has been made for you.

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