How to Make a Cold Brew Fast (in under 5 minutes)


Smooth, refreshing, luscious, and nuanced, Cold Brew has won the palates of coffee lovers worldwide–especially over the last five years. It currently ranks in the top three most popular coffee drinks–but it’s the only one that takes at least 12 hours to prepare.

The process calls for brewing coffee grounds in room temperature water followed by a lengthy steep before it’s ready to drink. Also, getting the coffee-to-water ratio correct is tricky. Yet with new technology, De’Longhi has made making Cold Brew at home possible in just a fraction of the time thanks to the new groundbreaking Cold Extraction Technology.

Game-changing technology for a new coffee experience 

“The core of the extraction process is a dedicated separate circuit,” says Simone Rosetta, De’Longhi’s Automatic Coffee Machines R&D Director. He explains that the technology “uses the water at room temperature around 20°C and controls infusion while respecting the raw material to guarantee a perfect result in the cup in under 5 minutes and drinks with two different intensity levels.” 

Two De’Longhi bean-to-cup machines feature the new Cold Extraction Technology that makes a Cold Brew in under 5 minutes. The technology is built into La Specialista Maestro, the manual bean-to-cup machine perfect for passionate home baristas, and Eletta Explore, a fully automatic machine perfect for those seeking an endless selection of hot and cold coffee preparations to sip in the comfort of their homes. 

Eletta Explore, an exploration of endless varieties

Eletta Explore provides a variety of hot and cold drinks at the touch of a button–no coffee-to-water ratio calculation required. Instead, adventurous coffee lovers can froth up a creamy, coffee-shop-like cold brew foam using the Eletta Explore’s LatteCrema Cool Technology. Plus, Cold Brew lovers can pour an array of drinks to sip on the spot, including a Cold Brew Cappuccino or Cold Brew Latte.

There’s a Cold Brew to suit every taste and fancy. Eletta Explore’s LatteCrema Cool Technology concocts cold brew foams on par with the creations of a professional barista, perfect for anyone wanting to add a coffee shop flair to their homemade drink. In addition, coffee lovers can dabble with alternative recipes like the Honey and Almond Cold Brew Cappuccino and Oat and Nut Cold Brew Latte. Anyone looking to satisfy a sweet tooth can sip a refreshing Minty Chocolate Cold Brew Cappuccino, which couples chocolate and mint with a creamy cool foam. Home mixologists, particularly, will enjoy the Cold Brew to Mix function. Finally, anyone pressed for time can use the machine’s nifty “To Go” function to go about their business with a Cold Brew in hand. 

Whether Cold Brew lovers wish to stick to the classic or try their hand at alternative specialties, De’Longhi offers endless varieties for at-home experimenting.


Eletta Explore

Explore an endless variety of hot, cold and creative coffee recipes, also with Cold Brew with De’Longhi Eletta Explore.
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