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Sfornatutto Chef - 34 Litres


Craft delicious dishes with this 34 litre electric oven with 4 cooking functions

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Sfornatutto Chef transforms your kitchen into the perfectly efficient environment for you to unleash your culinary creativity. It features an array of functions allowing for variety and flexibility. Conceived and dedicated to those who want an altenative to the built-in oven with no compromises on performance.
Compact-sized outside to fit onto your kitchen countertop, yet with great performance and large interior capacity, Sfornatutto Chef features 2000 W of oven power.

  • Perfectly cook all types of food with the adjustable thermostat up to 230°C
  • 4 cooking modes: Convection, Grill, Traditional, Gratin
  • Cook for up to 8 people thanks to the large 34 litre capacity
  • Easy to use thanks to the multifunctional knobs and "Oven Ready" light
  • Included accessories: Bake Pan and Wire Rack
Surround Cooking System

Surround Cooking System

Savour food taht is crisp outside and tender on the inside, evenly and quickly baked, thanks to the Surround Cooking System. The System combines a highly performing fan with a precisely engineered oven cavity. Togeher they allow for the heated air to be evenly distributed inside the cavity and completely surround the food, for even cooking on two racks.
Convention mode
Superior results because of the oven superior performance, resulting from the combination of the upper and lower heating elements and fan for uniform heat distribution.
Grill mode
Crips and even grilled food thanks to consistent heat being distributed over the entire width of the oven by the upper heating element.
Gratin mode
Give the extra finishing touch to your dishes which need extra crisping or browing with the dedicated gratin mode, e.g., lasagna, or fast grilling of the surface only, for example to melt sugar on a crème brulée.
Multifunctional knobs
You have the total control of the cooking process through the multifunctional knobs allowing you to choose the function and regulate the temperature with ease.


Manter quente
Convecção da ventoinha
Temporizador (min.) 60
Dados técnicos
Peso (kg) 13.7
Volume interno (l) 34
Dimensões (LxPxA) (mm) 525x465x340
Potência do forno ventilado (W) 2000
Potência do forno (W) 2000
Dimensão máx. placa redonda (cm) 35
Potência do grelhador (W) 1000
Termóstato (°C) 80 - 230
Potência de entrada (W) 2000
Tensão nominal/Frequência (V~Hz) 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Acabamento de material colorido
Pega Black plastic
Porta de vidro duplo
Cor Black
Paredes interiores Aluminium cavity
Painel de controlo
Controlos 3 mechanical knobs
Luz interna
Luz indicadora de forno “pronto”
Função de desligar automático
Vedante interno
Tabuleiro de assar
Suporte de fios
Sfornatutto Chef - 34 Litres Electric Oven EO34302

Sfornatutto Chef - 34 Litres


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209,90 €