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Which is the difference between Prima Donna Elite and Prima Donna Elite Experience?

Prima Donna Elite has 3 NEW recipe (COFFEE; CAPPUCCINO+ and CAPPUCCINO MIX) . PrimaDonnaELite EXPERIENCEjoins the PrimaDonna Elite family with further recipes!

  • AMERICANO: a style of coffee prepared by brewing an espresso and then adding hot water, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavour from drip coffee. It has a thin layer of coffee crema on top and a light but flavoursome coffee taste. The final ‘one touch’ recipe is made with a shot of espresso which is delivered first, topped up with hot water (from the same coffee outlet) using an impulse process
  • TEA INFUSION: Tea function delivers hot water at different temperatures according to tea or infusion selected. An advantage of this function is that it will produce a cup of tea at the perfect temperature and deliver only the amount of water needed saving energy and money.
  • COLD COFFEE: it mixes the intensity of an espresso shot with ice for a fresh coffee experience.
  • COLD MILK FOAM: you can get a creamy and light foam simly adding cold milk and ice cubes to the carafe. Mix as you prefer!