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Where can I have my Bean to Cup machine serviced or repaired outside of the guarantee?

We are delighted to be able to offer an outside guarantee repair service for our bean to cup coffee machines for customers within the UK. The price bands are as follows:


Band 1 - £99 - Service (Includes full descale, internal clean of burr grinder, maintenance of the transmission kit, infuser strip-down, O Rings and clean and health check)

Band 2 - £120 – Manual Control Board, Coupling, Hoses, Sensors, Infuser, Steam Wands, Carafes, Microswitches, Vaporiser Element

Band 3 - £150 – Power PCB, Pump, Grinder, Motor, Solenoid Valves

Band 4 - £190 - Transmission Kit, LCD Display Assembly, Main Generator

Band 5 - £225 - Chassis Change/Repair

(Chassis damage will incur an additional charge per price band)

Any parts replaced on your machine carry a 12 month guarantee (this does not affect any other unrelated parts of the machine). The above price includes the Collection and re-delivery. Collections are all-day appointments but we can arrange for the machine to be collected from another address if this is more convenient. Your machine will need to be well packaged for the journey.


Our service centre will provide you with a quote after inspecting your machine to obtain your authorisation to go ahead.


If you do not wish to go ahead with the repair after you have been given the quotation then there will be a £15.00 charge to cover postage if you want your machine returned. If you do not want to go ahead with a repair and do not want the machine to be returned to you, we can dispose of it with no charge.

To book a repair, call our Customer Care team on 0345 222 0458